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    I have a 12 month old who has decided that he will not sleep any longer than 2-3 hour stretches without nursing. I am facing all sorts of pressure, not to mention I am exhausted, to let him cry and wean him from nursing. He will only go to sleep if he nurses, at naptime and at bedtime, he never took a bottle or pacifier so it's always been me. I guess I'm just looking for some advice/support? I know that one day I'll get to sleep again, but I sure could use some help getting through this phase. Thanks!

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    How are you feeling about it? Do you want to night-wean? Or are other people telling you that you should? He will sleep in longer stretches, some day. Probably some day soon. Are you co-sleeping with him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy2lilah View Post
    How are you feeling about it?
    This is really all that matters. Are you okay with night-nursing? If so, then relax! Tell people that you're fine, and you'll ask for their advice if you need it. And right now you don't. If night-nursing is getting you down, then you can definitely night-wean your baby while continuing to nurse him as much as you both want during the day.

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    My DD is a night nurser too. And that is how she goes down for naps and bedtime. She wakes up multiple times a night, but we co-sleep so it makes it easy. Do you co-sleep? You are doing great!!
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    Well I think you need to push through it. At least until after his 1st year molars break. Honestly at that age I think a 3hour stretch is perfectly reasonable. And it's going to get worse (if you are getting that long now) before it gets better. Please try to remember that there are actual huge holes being made in your babies mouth by those teeth and that he gets pain relief from the oxcytocin in your breastmilk. Now, long term I am all for night weaning if it helps you continue to nurse happily. But right around molar time, I am all about the baby. So if you haven't done it yet, for the sake of your child I encourage you to put if off until after they break.

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    There's really no guarantee that he'll sleep better even if you do nightwean. Zayne had a cold last week and was striking st night. I was way more exhausted trying to pat and rock and shush him back to sleep than I ever am, even on those nasty up every hour teething nights.
    Are you napping with him during the day or at least resting? Do you go to sleep when he does? Do you eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sunlight and enough exercise? These things might help boost your energy
    Try to avoid the sleep topic with those people that are giving you a hard time. Complain to us again if you need to. If they ask you can flat out lie and say yes he's sttn or say something vague like we're working on it. Then change the subject.
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