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Thread: Phosphate Laxative and breastfeeding toddler

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    I have to do a colonoscopy tomorrow and have to drink two doses of phosphate laxative (oral saline laxative) from the brand Major. I drank the first dose at 6pm and my toddler (20 months) literally opened my shirt and stared breastfeeding like half an hour later. I latched him off but he seems to be missing his boobie. My doctor told me it is okay to feed him but I've found conflicting information on the internet. Does any of you have any experience with this laxative or know if its safe to use while breastfeeding or when I can breastfeed him again?

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    You could call infantrisk - they are the experts - but it's too late for today. If your doctor says it's fine, I'm sure it's fine. Most doctors err on the conservative end of things.

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    I would guess if it's a saline laxative it wouldn't really make your breastmilk more salty. I would guess if your doctor said it was safe it would be safe. I hope your colonoscopy goes well.
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    Well, I was going to say that according to Dr. Hale, saline laxatives are unlikely to affect your milk at all, but I guess it doesn't help you now! I hope everything went okay.
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