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Thread: Leaving my nursing son for 3 days

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    Default Leaving my nursing son for 3 days

    I desperately need to hear some words of wisdom/advice from mothers who've been in similar situations. I'm in a friends wedding in a couple of months. She has chosen to have a destination bachelorette party 6 hours away. I have only been away from my nursing son twice, each time was for just a night. If I go, I'm committing to 3 nights away. It's in a month so my son will just be 12 months. We don't supplement formula but he is eating a lot of solids. We bedshare so he nurses frequently through out the night. My husband and mother-in-law are very supportive of me going and are willing to care for him day and night. But I can't help but feel guilty already about leaving him! I'm so afraid he'll wean himself if he's without me for that long. Not to mention how uncomfortable I'll be away from him (emotionally & physically). With my short overnights before I was always very engorged even after pumping. I feel very torn and undecided on whether to go or not! Does anyone have a similar experience around this age? How did it go?

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    I left DD for two nights for work at 12 months, and it was rough. DH was up multiple times giving her breastmilk in a bottle. The second night was better than the first. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pump both nights because I was uncomfortable. I thought I would get this great sleep but I was up every 1-2 hours, probably because I'm so used to sleeping by DD now and I was worried about how they were doing without me.

    It sounds like you have a good support system so if you think you will enjoy yourself, that's what matters. Your LO will be fine and probably won't wean. My DD was overjoyed to nurse as soon as she saw me again.

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    I have a somewhat similar dilemma and don't know what to do. I have a work-related conference where I'd be presenting a poster and my son will be 17 months by then, so a bit older than your little guy. I am also concerned about a trip like that initiating weaning, especially at that age. I can't decide whether to go or not. I've been away from my son overnight once, at 9 mos, for work but this would be for 3-4 days I feel as though I should go professionally but I don't really want to.
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    me too - i'm looking at 2 nights away for a conference when my son is 20 months, and assuming he's still nursing, i don't necessarily want that to make him wean.

    to OP - i agree, if you think you'll enjoy yourself, go. but is there any way that your DS & DH/mom can come with you to the destination?
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    Anyway you can bring him with you? You can bring another adult along to help you look after him. This is what I would do. It will be alot easier on the both of you and you won't have to worry about pumping and storing milk. If you're worrying about your baby, you're not going to be able to fully enjoy yourself.
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