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Thread: To wean or not to wean...

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    Because my day time supply is suffering the most, and he is getting super frustrated trying to get milk. Will he eventually just give up those sessions on his own if he is never getting enough milk and constantly upset about it?

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    No. More likely what will happen is if he keeps it up for more than 3-5 days is the milk will show up.

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    IMO you should be nursing him when together on demand, that includes nursing when he wants to bed or nap regardless of the level you feel your supply is at. After one you can pump wean and nurse when together and not worry as much, if really at all about how much he gets, as long as he has a balanced diet with calcium rich foods. Nursing is so much more than milk and it sound like your son still wants that.
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    Yeah, I would nurse him on demand when you're together, and not worry about your supply - let HIM tell you if he's not interested in nursing. After I pump weaned, my supply definitely went down during the day some, but there was still enough to keep my baby interested on weekends and days off. It all works out somehow.

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