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Thread: Teething questions - and any tips please!

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    Default Teething questions - and any tips please!


    So... I noticed yesterday that my 4.5mo baby is having her teeth coming out (bottom ones, I didn't feel the top ones yet)

    She was whimpering the whole time during a nursing session yesterday, so maybe she's hurting. Although she's usually pretty content during the day and she haven't really cried at night due to teething...

    She did have a couple of days or so when she was waking every hour at night to nurse, but I thought that was a growth spurt or something! Maybe was teething?

    I got some orajel naturals, which I think does not have the numbing component in it, and I put a little yesterday, but I am not sure if that works at all if it doesn't numb her gums

    Anyway, I'm a new mom so I have no idea how is this going to affect nursing!! Any tips?? Any tips about posible bitting?

    Also, I was wondering, since she's getting teeth, does that mean she's getting ready to start solids soon? maybe? I don't think she's ready yet, but I was just wondering...


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    Default Re: Teething questions - and any tips please!

    Having teeth does not indicate readiness for solids. Some babies are born with teeth. Wait until at least six months. Cold teething rings, frozen washcloths, apple slices or carrots (until they have teeth, then its a choking hazard), or your finger to chew on can all work to alleviate teething pain. I use hyland's teething tablets most often and tylenol at night when he's up constantly.

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    Default Re: Teething questions - and any tips please!

    and of course, nursing helps baby with the pain. so the up every hour could have been about nursing pain. we just got done with molars ... it was brutal for both of us! but it passes.

    signs of readiness for solids: sitting up on her own, no more gag reflex of the tongue, developed a pincer grip for small foods. most babies have those right around 6 months, not many before, some a lot later.
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    Default Re: Teething questions - and any tips please!

    Infant Tylenol has really helped us! DD had a fever that came along with tooth pain, and it helped her sleeping at night. Once the fever was gone though we only gave it to her if she seemed really fussy and grabbing her mouth before bed. Otherwise, PP have made great suggestions for daytime relief! I haven't been bitten yet, but sometime nipped lol I just say "Ouch! Be careful, that hurts Mommy!" and if she keeps doing it, I put her down and give her something to bite on for a while, then resume feeding a little later.

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