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Thread: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

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    Unhappy really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    Really need a little advice I am little concerned regarding my sons green poo! and recent

    J is 14 weeks old and over the past two weeks, J poo has been on and of olive green. He Has showed no other sign of illness(no temperture/vomiting and with no increase or decrease in diapers he normally has 5 or more wet nappys and pooed twice a day up untill two weeks ago his poo was yellow and he has seemed like his normal self)

    He has a good latch since birth and has alway had a blocked feed on my left boob for 2-3 hours before feed off the right this repeats it self though out the day. He prefers to feed on avarge every one and half - two hours except in the night where he recieved one fomula supplement at round 1.30 and 2.30 depending on when he wakes up.

    J weight gain has been steady gaining between 8-11 ounces per week he normally feeds between 15 min-to half an hour and until the breast are soft. He appears to be in the pre stages on teething he is constantly dribbling and chewing on his hands.

    Yet since friday he has gone on a bit of nursing strike and have had to supplement with formula more :0( (one in the morning one late after noon and one at nigh.t he is taken between 4-6 ounces at a time) He has appeared less satisfied (still hungry) with the boob and has been shouting fussing and refusing the breast complete yet still communicating through his cues that he is hungry and crying his I am hungry cry. I am currently Persevering with this and he is still take the breast inbetween which i am really glad about.

    Do you have any advice I have wonder weather I may have a foremilk/ hind milk inbalance (yet i feel like my supply is less and i never seem to get any milk off though pumping), weather the constant swallowing of salvia is irrating him or weather he is developing an intorance to something in my diet (yet i thought that this would be unlikely).

    Every day i am waiting to see how he gets on the breast before giving formula. I am offering the breast regularly in a relaxed way trying not to make a thing of it and really taking the lead from him. I continue to feed him in the bath and he enjoys skin to skin contact whilst feeding.

    Please can you advise me if you think I can do something differently or there is something I could try.


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    Default Re: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    Welcome to the forum!

    The first thing to know about green poops is that they are not in and of themselves a health problem. As long as they are not accompanied by poor growth, additional signs of allergy (like asthma, hives, excema, etc.), significant amounts of blood in the poop (i.e. more than streaks or specks), or extreme discomfort, I would not worry for even a moment about them.

    The green poop could be caused by a lot of different things. In no particular order, it could be normal, it could be allergies or an intolerance to something in your diet, it could be teething, it could be the formula supplements, or it could be a foremilk/oversupply issue. Olive green poops are most likely caused by the formula supplements, since formula turns poop exactly that grayish-green color.

    Since you're block feeding, I assume you're fairly certain you have an oversupply issue. Can you tell us what you're seeing that makes you think that? Some signs of oversupply include:
    - baby gagging, choking, coughing, spluttering, or making a clicking/clucking noise at the breast
    - baby pulling off the breast during feedings
    - if baby pulls off the breast during nursing, youay see milk squirt or stream from the breast
    - fast feedings (5-10 minutes, or less)
    - dislike of comfort nursing
    - frequent feelings of engorgement or fullness
    - lots of leaking
    - strong letdown sensations
    - ability to pump multiple oz of milk with ease, if pumping

    Managing oversupply is a process and it can come with significant bouts of fussiness when supply adjusts a bit and baby has to adjust to a different flow speed. The nursing strike and fussiness you are seeing could be related to your supply adjusting. But it could also be related to the formula supplements. Babies who get a lot of bottles often come to enjoy the ease of bottle feeding and they start to reject the breast in order to get the bottle. Babies are smart, and they instinctively know that their mommies can be trained to give them what they want if they just act fussy enough! The best way to get through a strike or a bottle preference is to put the bottles on the shelf and just nurse for a few days. This may result in a few days of extreme fussiness, but once baby accepts that the ONLY way he is going to get fed is to nurse, the fussiness will evaporate. Constant nursing will fix any supply problems you have, if you have them- and supplementing with formula and block feeding if you don't have oversupply are a good way to end up with supply problems!

    Put the bottles and the formula away. I know this is probably hard advice to hear, but the situation that you are in is one that can easily slip into you ending up with a 100% formula-fed baby. Take the tough but necessary steps now, and you'll be nursing for a long time to come!

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    Default Re: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    I understand how confusing breastfeeding can be without a community of like minded breastfeeding friends to turn to. Green poos are not indicative of any problem in and of themselves.
    Your LO has been receiving 18 ounces of formula per day for the last 3 days, so that is the majority of his caloric intake.
    Many mothers formula feed and breastfeed.
    Breastmilk production is dependent on demand and supply.
    if you want to transition back to the breast and give up the formula there are tried and true ways to make that happen.
    Transitioning back to the breast is less stressful if the baby is first fed an ounce or less of formula and then put to the breast before he is distracted by hunger. a hungry upset baby who has grown accustomed to the bottle is more likely to cry and wail and then fall asleep exhausted rather than willingly take the breast, so many moms do a mini bottle feed first and then entice the baby to nurse.
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    Default Re: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    thank for your responses

    In repsonce to Mommal's thank you for getting back to me in relation to your questions

    - since J was born he has had difficulty/refusal latching on to my left nipple and I really wanted to breastfeed and I have loved every min of it my midwife told me to feed continue to feed mostly on the right but ensure I presever with him one the left side a few times a day and I have continued to do this since and it has worked out great. Form the start J was a hungry baby and would feed every hour hour and half. At seven weeks i introduced one bottle of formula per night as my patner refused to let us co sleep and J enjoyed nursing to sleep and feed regularly though out the night that i was not getting any sleep at night and J was awake for long period during the day so i was not get to sleep during the day. Everything was going well and his poo was yellow up until the 12th week. As you can guess my right boob is larger than my left and has a fast let down, he would choking, coughing and spluttering at least once or twice a feed, if he pulls off the breast during nursing, you see milk squirt or stream from the breast and my breast wos engorged at times through out the day. I block feed because he wont stay on the left side for long and I have alot of milk in the right side.

    Again up until his 12th week his weight gain has been really good he was 14 pounds and 2 ounces. The concern start with the sudden change in poo colour and the regularity of it.

    In relation to bottle feeding formula during the the day I only introduced that at a tempory measure following the advice from another site and did not expect him to take so much or for him to be so distressed whilist feeding on the breast nor did i expect him to be crying in hungry before we introduced the bottle. We have been through growth spurts before but this seemed different

    In responce to estervegan thank you will give that ago finger crossed it works

    p.s sorry for any spell mistakes spellin is not my strong point

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    Default Re: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    I wouldn't define a baby who nurses every 1.5 hours as a hungry baby. I'd call him a normal baby. Infant tummies are tiny, and breastmilk digests fast (in only about 90 minutes), so it's very normal for a baby to feed every 1-2 hours or even more frequently.

    If you've become lopsided, I suggest offering the smaller side more often. That's usually enough to get supply to even out. Start feedings with that side, and then use the larger side to top baby off. Are you still feeling engorgement or frequent fullness? If you are, you can probably skip the "offer an oz in the bottle before nursing" step and transition to nursing exclusively. I'm a little concerned that your baby is headed for total breast refusal, and because of that I'd avoid the bottle as much as possible- though the PP's advice is very good, useful advice if the baby is already refusing to nurse.

    Can you tell us what your partner doesn't like about co-sleeping? If it's fear about having baby in bed, maybe we can reassure him or suggest an alternative- like a side-car crib- that will enable you to co-sleep. If your partner just doesn't like being woken by the baby or thinks that you should be with him rather than with the baby, then I suggest getting tough and telling your partner that until your baby is older, the baby's need to nurse and your need to maximize the amount of sleep you can get must come first. If that means your partner has to sleep in the guest room or on the couch for a few months, so be it!

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    Default Re: really needing some help. green poo and nursing strike

    I can't offer any suggestions about the nursing strike, but I can tell you that my DD had green poo right around the same time as your son and it did go away on it's own! I thought it was FM/HM imbalance or allergy or something like that, but it cleared up on it's own, so like PP have said, you can probably put that worry aside ) I hope he gets back to his normal nursing routine!! I'm sure it's very frustrating... hugs!

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