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Thread: Weaning from supplements

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    Question Weaning from supplements

    Hi! I'm new here but was hoping to get more info than the kellymom guide to weaning from supplements. I would like real mom advice /help.

    Backstory: we started off pretty good with a great latch but he wasn't efficient with emptying the breast. We did compressions but he still wouldn't gain much weight. I had no support so I was convinced by family and pedi that he was starving. Reluctantly I started supplementing with formula. That's the worst decision I ever made and I'm beating myself up over it. Now about half his feedings are formula. I'm trying to slowly wean but he's at atleast 15oz a day. I need help/support/advice. I really had my heart set on BFing long term. He's 3 months now. I will do anything at this point. I don't have insurance so I can't really see the local BF specialist right now. The main thing I need to do is stand up to my family and tell them to shove their opinions. Then I need to work on rebuilding my supply and get him back to breast more. Please help me! I have so much regret for starting supplements and allowing other people to voice their opinion in my decisions! But even hubby isn't very supportive.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    It's great that you already found the kellymom link. That covers the technical side of weaning from supplements. Or most of it, anyway- I don't recall that the link covers pumping in depth. You can wean from supplements faster when you are simultaneously pumping in addition to feeding. The pump provides additional stimulation to and milk removal from the breast, and that increases supply when combined with lots of nursing. So, do you have a pump? And if so, what kind? And do you have correctly sized shields? Those are good tools to have, in addition to the resolve to nurse all the time and to tell your non-supportive family to stick it where the sun don't shine,

    Can you tell us what happened in those very early days that caused your pediatrician to think supplementing was a good idea? And also how nursing is going right now? Is baby an eager nurser, or is he kind of lazy at the breast, using it mostly as a pacifier? How does nursing feel? Is it comfortable? And are there any factors for you that might cause additional difficulties with supply- things like PCOS, breast surgeries, use of hormonal contraception, pregnancy, thyroid problems?

    I'm really sorry that your family isn't more supportive. Often the best thing you can do is to be absolutely firm and say "My baby, my decision. If i want your opinion on my parenting, I'll ask for it. Now, how about those Yankees?". This is equally true for all moms, regardless of how they feed their babies. Because pushy family members don't stop being pushy during your baby's infancy. It continues forever! Unless you put your foot down, that is.

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    I am also to wean my baby girl off of formula. She is 7 weeks old. She is also a grazer...if I let her, she would go on for an hour and a half!
    So I'm going to limit her time on each side, but feed her more often.
    I'm also trying to increase my milk supply, so I'm pumping after the morning and evening feeding.
    Does that sound like a solid plan, or do my steps work against each other?

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    Thlmommy, I'm in a similar boat, though for different causes. I have found that letting my son nurse as often as he wants for as long as he wants helped my supply. I nurse at least every 2-3 hours, or more frequently if he demands. One thing I had to do was learn how much my son should be eating, and make sure we were within the appropriate range. I'm also a worry wort and therefore bought a baby scale so I could start each feeding at the breast, until he stopped on his own, then I could weigh him and only supplement what was needed. This can be very consuming, but it's the path I chose. We quickly realized that we were over-supplementing our son, because he didn't give us a cue that he was done. My husband would just keep feeding my son until he seemed satisfied, but bottle fed babies WILL very often eat way past full. They eat until they're in a food coma, which we, as I'm sure other parents do, perceived as being satisfied. I found it hard to not listen to concerned friends, family and doctors, cuz you want to do right by your child, it just sucks that so many people trying to offer support immediately recommend formula. Don't beat yourself up, it's scary and difficult having faith in the process, especially when you encounter hiccups.

    ETA: my husband wasn't very supportive either, but it was because he didn't like seeing me struggle. Hopefully you can come up with a game plan that your husband can support you in.
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