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Thread: Please Help..I am so frustrated I could cry :(

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    I guess what I need to know is how long should a baby this age that is satisfied be going in between feedings and for how long should they be feeding(at the breast) when they do? Even during her early morning feedings, the longest she will ever feed for is 5-10 minutes

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    Default Re: Please Help..I am so frustrated I could cry :(

    There's no "should" with a young baby. It's just too variable. The are babies who are happy and get enough to eat when they nurse as infrequently as every 3-4 hours, and others who need to nurse every 1-2 hours, or even more often. There are babies who can get a full feeding in 5-10 minutes at the breast and others who need to nurse for 30-40 minutes at a time.

    The best thing you can do is to turn the clock to the wall and watch the baby.

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    Right. I hear you. I hear that past trauma is making you feel insecure. But I am telling you to step away from the paranoia. Your body makes exactly enough. Making exactly enough is NOT the opposite of too much. So there is no need to pump in the mornings if she isn't missing feeds. If you choose to pump in the evenings while your DH gives her a bottle to not lose that cue that makes sense. But overfeeding the baby isn't helping with anything. It's draining your stash(Needlessly) which your are obviously worried about, and she doesn't need to "make up" for anything because she is feeding fine during the day. Give her 2 oz and when she is ready again in an hour or 2 Try to breastfeed her and if she is still fussy give her 1-2oz more. That's it. You Do NOT want your baby to associate a "full" or "Stuffed" feeling with eating. Breastfed babies self regulate. Bottle feedings, while sometime needed, mess with that self regulation. You need to work to mimic the amount of food she would get at the breast so that she ques you on time AND so she doesn't start looking for that "stuffed" feeling after every feeding. I promise you she is NEVER eating 5oz of your breasts. So do not ever feed her 5oz from a bottle at a time. Having a freezer stash for the reasons you mentioned is perfectly reasonable. Using it up to compensate because she cries at night when you are physically proving to yourself that you do in fact have milk is not. Babies Cry. They call it the witching hour because LOTS of babies get cranky every night around that time. It has nothing to do with your supply. I would do the work to get her back at the breast in the evening and only supplement with your own milk in the amounts that mimic feedings at your breast.
    Worry about how many wet diapers she has in a 24hour period of time and whether or not she is gaining weight. That's it. How long she eats is not relevant. Nor really, is how long she is going between feeds. I only mentioned that so that you'd understand what was appropriate in terms of how much bottle feeding and how much time it would take for her to que again.
    Self Doubt is not your friend. Babies change. Every change in pattern in attitude is not connected to your supply. Assume that you DO make enough milk.

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