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Thread: Routine for taking bottles of EBM on the go

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    Default Routine for taking bottles of EBM on the go

    Hi, my DH has been home with our 4 mo daughter while I am at work for a little over a month now. They come to see me at work for lunch and I nurse her then but they have never gone on an outing that required packing bottles of EBM and we are both confused. At home he takes a bottle from the fridge and warms it in hot water. Can anyone share what they would do while out for say, 3 hours with EBM bottles? Does he bring the bottles on ice packs? How to warm it? I am not sure if she would or should take it chilled. And how much to bring? If he feeds her right before he leaves the house, he will want to bring a bottle just in case but it might not get eaten. What then? Just feed it at the next deeding? She doesn't take fixed amounts at fixed times, so she is not that predictable. Thanks!!

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    I don't know what the "rules" are....but considering BM is good at room temp for like 8-10 hours...I would probably put it in a cooler, no ice, and give to baby as needed. I don't even think I'd worry about warming it. that's assuming it's not really hot out.
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    Default Re: Routine for taking bottles of EBM on the go

    My LO is 5 months. My DH takes care of her as well, and isn't on any sort of schedule either.

    When we are on the go I'll take a 3 oz bottle out of the fridge and use it with in say 4 hours. I heard EBM is good for 4 hours at room temp. If she doesn't use it in 4 hours I put it back in the fridge. If we are going on a longer outing I put one at room temp and one on ice.

    I was originally surprised my DD would take a bottle without it being heated after being out of the fridge for a while.

    My first baby would only take warm bottles. I got a tip from a friend: Bring a thermos of boiling water before you go and a large container/coffee mug ect. Put the bottle in the hot water for about a minute, test, and ta-da!
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