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Thread: Hospital grade pump??

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    Default Hospital grade pump??

    I have read a lot on this forum about hospital grade pumps. What is considered a hospital grade pump?? I have a medela pump in style advanced. I am EP now and my nipples get sore and it hurts by the end of the day. I pump on the lowest setting. Should I try a new pump or different flang sizes? I get good output so I am hesitant to try something new I just don't want it to hurt anymore. It doesn't hurt when I nurse only pump. I am trying to get LO back to the breast. It has been a long road through a never-ending nursing strike, biting, highly distractible and now nipple confusion. He nursed exclusively for 3 months so I was surprised that he has nipple confusion now and I now have to use a nipple shield and I never had to before but that is a whole other story.

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    If you're pumping exclsively you'll really want a hospital grade pump, they're meant to handle the every 2-3 hour pumping. I EP with DS1 and went through 3 PIS, a Swing, and a Single Electric. The PIS just aren't meant to handle that type of workload. If you're not pumping that much, say only 5 days a week, then it should work fine, as it sounds like it is. I noticed a huge difference in my output and pain using a hospital grade pump this time though.

    I completelyunderstand your frusteration with having to use the shield, etc. My LO is 4 weeks but we're in the same boat :-/

    ETA: Your nipples will likely be more sore with pumping than with nursing but they shouldn't be that bad. Switching to larger flanges madea big difference in my pain and output as well. Your nipples should be moving freely through the tunnel and you should be able to see your areola being pulled a bit (like with nursing). Here's a great article about proper fitting shields; http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com...d-breastshield
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    Default Re: Hospital grade pump??

    yeah, if you're EPing you should rent a hospital grade. i've heard many other mamas say they hurt less.
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    In my opinion the Symphony is slightly better then the PIS when it comes to output; but WaY more comfortable than the pis. Even on the highest setting on the Symphony my nipples dont get sore. I also went up a size of flanges for a while.
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    Hmm...my lactation consultant told me that too-large flanges can also be a culprit of soreness, as they pull more of the breast into the chamber than is necessary and this can also affect output. I had switched from the medium to the large, because I thought that maybe my flanges were too small, but when I switched back to medium, I became much more comfortable. I would say that before you buy a new pump, experimenting with different size flanges will be much cheaper than buying a new pump.

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