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Thread: Decided to try to relactate, its been 6 weeks

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    Hi ladies, sorry it took me so long to get back on here. Things are going good other than hes refusing to latch now. I pump a couple ML from each side each time I pump. I just ordered a SNS thing and paid extra for fast shipping but its still not coming until the 23rd. Im really hoping it comes faster. When I can get him to latch he makes very sour faces when he gets a taste of my milk. I tasted it and it taste salty almost. Any ideas on that? Anyways it seems to be going well still and Im very pleased with my tiny results Also I spoke with my OB about my milk before and he was saying that I was so depleted and sick with m kidneys that perhaps that was affecting my milk? No clue on that either but hopefully I can get m body to behave and make good milk. Its very creamy looking now so hopefully that continues.

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    good for you! hang in there

    i found that getting the actual fenugreek seeds worked WAY better than the capsules. I would soak them in water over night and then blend them up a little bit with some honey to ease the bitterness. (lol don't forget to hold your nose!)

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