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Thread: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! Help!

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    Default Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! Help!

    Early Saturday 9-29-12, at about 12:30 in the morning, my husband reached over and felt the baby kicking, he whispered this to me, and i rolled over, half asleep and realized i just had felt a large gush of fluid erupt from me. I immediately had him run for a towel, we got dressed and rushed to the hospital. I soon found out that i had ruptured and that my fluid level which should have been 8cm was left at a disappointing 1cm. I was then told i could not stand up at all not even to go to the bathroom, this lasted till early Tuesday morning when it was determined by my doctor that i was not building any fluid levels back up and after ample time allotted for the steroid shots i received to jump start my babies lungs had passed, i was going to be induced to reduce risk of infection setting in amongst other potentially harmful things that could occur if we left him inside of me in that low of fluid levels any longer. By 7:47 that evening i delivered my 32 week in-utero baby, Cody John, 4lbs 6oz. who came out remarkably strong and healthy. With that being said, he is still very early so for now the only way im allowed t feed him is by iv supplied pumped breast milk....i have been told to not expect to actually be able to put him to breast for about 1 month. As soon as i was settled into the room i would finish my stay at the hospital in, i requested a breast pump and started trying to build a supply of colostrum to save for him. I have pumped every 3-4 hours since then, the first 4 pumps i was able to produce anywhere from .2-.4 ml's to save for him...my 4th pump, i had seen the lactationist by then and took her suggestions regarding how to efficently get as much colostrum at a time and things were looking up and i collected my largest amount yet...however, the next pump then followed by ALL of the rest, im literally seeing a pin tips drop maybe once come out, its as if it drastically disappeared out of no where, im warming my breasts, massaging them, sitting up with proper back support, using clean pumping supplies, self expressing, im not sick, i eat all day everyday and healthy food at that, i have been consuming massive amounts of water, juice, milk etc. i am at a loss for what else i should do at this point to fix this issue, he needs my milk!!! I need advice badly!

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    Default Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    hi mama, congratulations!!!

    sounds like you've got good advice on HOW to pump. the other Q is what you're pumping with: a hospital grade is what you need, either at the hospital or a rental at home.

    and every 3-4 hours is not enough; you need to pump ever 2 hours during hte day plus at least once between midnight and 6am.

    I know it's not the most pleasant prospect but it's what it will take to bring your milk in, and YOU CAN DO IT.

    also, i don't know much about preemies, but i don't see why you won't be able to nurse for antoher month. i'm hoping others will come and give you advice about negotiating with the hospital etc.
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    Default Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    yes start pumping every 2 hours minimum, as in if you start pumping at 9:00am you need to start again at 11:00am , regardless of how long you pumped for .....

    try not to stress too much and also could you tell us a little more about the pump you are using??
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    Default Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    I think the hospital has told you you wont be putting your lo to the breast for a month purely because he's small and it'd maybe take too much of his energy to transfer milk from you correctly. Ask them to explain why and maybe as pp said negotiate? I work in a kids hospital and we have a preemie ward and I must say that I've only seen mums bf once lo is strong enough and generaly thats around when they would have been born at full term.

    It will be hard work , but to encourage you... We see so many success stories of mummies getting their preemies to the breast after weeks of EPing. It can be done! Hang in there mama

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    Default Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    do some research about the nursing. The sooner you nurse the better for your premie BUT it does depend on his overall health and strength. That is not say that you couldn't nurse 1 or 2 feedings and the others can be given other methods and then slowly increase the number of nursing sessions as he gets stronger. Good luck and keep going it will be worth it in the end.
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    I have a 32-weeker as well-are they letting you "kangaroo" your baby (hold skin-to skin, just having baby lay naked (except for diaper) on your bare chest with a blanket over both of you, and perhaps when strong enough, to nuzzle at your breast while being fed via tube)? This does wonders for milk production as well as for the baby's ability to maintain body temp and learning to latch on. I would discuss this with the lactation consultant and doctor immediately, though as previous poster said, it depends on your baby's individual strength and health. My baby has been in hospital 3 weeks now and is nursing successfully for an average of 10 minutes with a nipple shield when I am with her once or twice a day, the rest of the times they try a bottle with her, or a tube feeding if she is too exhausted to wake up for feeding. Every baby is different, as the doctor keeps telling me while I wait impatiently for my baby girl to get to feeding by mouth consistently so I can take her home and get her off bottles! I'm right there with you mama, and I wish you and your little one the best!

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    I have been in your position! My first baby was born at 32 weeks via emergency csection. I know how scary and frustrating this must be for you.

    Pumping immediately was a great call! I agree though that you should pump far more often. The good thing is that you are in such early stages that you should be able to increase your supply no problem. I'll say this though. I know how stressful this is - you need to find a way to "relax" when pumping. I pumped obsessively while my babe was in NiCU. (6 weeks) and due to an infection I wasn't even allowed to let him try BF till about four days before I brought him home! Stressful! Some suggestions?

    1) Hold him skin to skin as much as humanly possible 2) pump next to his bassinet if possible. 3) know that you are a GREAT mom already and that even though pumping sucks it is the best way you can be a mommy right now. 4) breathe. I know this isn't an ideal situation but it WILL pass and soon you will be snuggled up in your own bed with your little baby and all those beeping noises and wires will be far far behind you.

    Hugs. It gets better.

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    Default Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    m..good information

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