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Thread: Letdown issue during 4mo growth spurt!

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    Exclamation Letdown issue during 4mo growth spurt!

    Okay ever since we got our routine down (baby and I) after birth we've had our fare share of issues but up to this point I've been fortunate enough to work through them alone. This time is different... I have a very forceful letdown that always occurs 5-15 seconds after latch on. It has never failed me. After many growth spurts I assumed I was ready for this one. He just turned 4 months today and at three months my breasts regulated and got to their 'normal' (for breastfeeding) state. My supply is fine but we are just now adjusting to eating about every 4 hrs instead of every 2-3 hrs and now that my breasts are adjusted to every 4 hrs (with 8-9 hr break at night) this growth sputlrt has thrown them for a loop and my let down literally will not happen unless it's been at least 3 hrs since the last feeding. He finishes both breasts and is happily satisfied when he is actually hungry but when he wants to go at it again 2 hrs later it won't happen!! Is this normal?! He isn't hungry he just wants them so this isn't a huge issue (I hope) I'm just so used to my breasts being responsive and now it's like they have a mind of their own. /:

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    I found that at about 4-5 months I stopped feeling the let down. And I never feel it now. But the milk still comes out. So I think you should be fine.
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    I had the same experience. The milk was still coming, but I didn't necessarily feel the let down.

    And if you feel it sometimes and not others, it's still not something to worry about. Babies have different suck patterns depending on where they are in a nursing session and what they want. Comfort suckling is different from hungry baby suckling. And different sucking patterns will stimulate different responses in your breasts. You may not be having a strong spray every time, but you probably are having milk trickle down.

    It may sound odd to say, but trust your boobs. They know what they're doing.
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    Okay that makes me feel better... I'm pretty sure the "in-between feedings" were comfort suckling, like you said. But what I didn't add to the post was my hubby and I just moved for our first time and for the past month have been super stressed, leaving no 'mommy and daddy' time. We've been making time and now my letdown is already completely back to normal, like nothing ever happened... I had no idea stress and tension played such a huge role!

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    Yep, stress can certainly inhibit letdown. Glad to hear things are back to normal.
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