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Thread: Medela Calma?

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    Default Medela Calma?

    Has anyone tried the new Medela Calma? It looks intriguing. It seems like a good idea, but I wonder how cleanable it is.


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    I tried it one of the first few times I gave DD a bottle. She was around 8 weeks old, maybe? The flow seemed CRAZY fast to me. Granted, I have a fast flow as well (especially back then in those early days of oversupply and OALD), but DD chugged 3 ounces in, like, 1 minute. It was smooth in the sense that she didn't choke or sputter and I saw no issues with air bubbles or anything, but it was such a fast flow! Maybe it was just something about DD's sucking? She has a pretty hard suck. I dunno. We've stuck with the Avent bottles - newborn (size 1) flow. She's 6 months now and likes them just fine.
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