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Thread: Help! Why the sudden change?

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    Default Help! Why the sudden change?

    My 4 week old feed amazing for the first 2.5 weeks. Lately she gets really irritated while on the breast. It's not everyday and its not all the time, for example, Tuesday and Thursday this week she is fussy when she nurses but fine Monday and weds. I think it may be gas but I can't tell. I'm also confused about her hunger cues. Maybe she's not actually hungry so I give up and wait but then the same thing. I had an appt tonight and left 8 oz of expressed milk for my husband to giver her. She had eaten at 2 and at 530 drank all 8 oz. now I'm wondering if I'm not giving her enough to eat. My confidence is dwindling and I'm scared I may give in to formula. Can someone offer me advice or share their experiences if similar? Thanks so much!

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    Don't worry mama!!! Everything sounds ok to me. Fussiness is normal, whether it is gas or just general fussiness. Around that age, my baby always wanted to be held and also fed constantly. Babies will often overeat when given a bottle and 8 oz is too much to give at a time. Often they will eat 2 or 3 more oz past being "full" just because the milk flows more easily out of the bottle. It doesn't mean you are not feeding her enough.

    How are her wets and weight gain?

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    First you are doing fine. Getting into the groove is hard.

    8 oz is actually far to much for a 4 week old at one time. I think 2-3oz at once is more like it. Babies like to suck and they will suck all the milk down if given at once. Visit kellymom for how to bottle feed a breastfed baby.

    I can't really respond to the fussiness. Except to say offer, offer, and offer some more. IMO the first 3 months should be when you offer for any and every cue. By them refusing you learn which cues were hunger and which were not.

    Why don't you go ahead and give more information on weight gain, how frequently the baby nurses and wet and dirty diapers for the others who will likely be more helpful. I just remember my son nursing non stop but that doesn't mean your baby will.

    You are doing an amazing job just keep it up!
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    Already you've made me feel better. Maybe I just need to hear these trials and tribulations are normal and not to give up so thank you for that!

    She is gaining like a champ. Haven't officially had her weighed yet, we go on 10/7 for a one month visit. But she had gained 6 oz the first 3 days after we were released from the hospital. She wets at least 10 diapers a day and dirties 3-4 with two of those being a dollar bill folded in half and the others being a little smaller. I guess her weight check next week will be my real test, right?

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    Default Re: Help! Why the sudden change?

    I guess her weight check next week will be my real test, right?
    with that output, i would be shocked if weight gain is not fine.

    Everything you wrote sounds entirely normal except the 8 ounce bottle. Your baby must have a hollow leg!

    seriously, babies notoriously overfeed on bottles. What a baby takes in a bottle is meaningless i promise. next time you leave baby with your husband, ask him to read this http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    This is a nice article on what is normal in the early weeks http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    oh and my oldest and youngest were/are incredibly fussy nursers, and just fussy in general, especially my oldest. Babies fuss, and breastfed babies may do it while nursing, as that is what they are usually doing.

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