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    My LO is 7 weeks. She has been a very frequent nurser since the beginning. I take fenugreek and have been for several weeks because I felt like my supply was low in the afternoons/early evenings. I tried to decrease the dose but felt like my supply was dwindling so I'm back up to 3 pills three times a day. Is it ok to keep taking this? It might be "in my head" but I feel better about my supply while I'm on it.

    My second question is about LO getting really fussy while nursing. Her latch is suddenly shallow (I can't get her to open wide for me) and she is kicking and tugging my nipple while nursing about half the time. She is mostly upset when I cradle her. She is a little better in the cross cradle but that leaves me with no hands...frustrating with a LO who nuses every 90 minutes for at least 30. I got so frustrated last night by her pulling and acting unsatisfied that I started wondering if I can keep this up...I'm exhausted from a long night of chaotic nursing...

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    Welcome to the forum!

    As long as you are nursing on demand, not pregnant, and not taking a new form of hormonal contraception, and your baby is producing adequate diaper output and growing and developing at a normal rate, any low supply issues are almost certainly "in your head" and you don't need to take the fenugreek. That being said, the only thing continued fenugreek use will hurt is your wallet, so if you want to keep on taking the pills, go right ahead. You may want to look into buying the bulk fenugreek seed, which is much cheaper (usually about $3-7 for a lb of seed, as opposed to $15-20 for a jar of pills).

    Fussy nursing is really normal at this age. It's often due to growth spurts, since there's a big one at around 6 weeks. It's very frustrating, and I think it's one reason why many moms panic at this point and start getting into bottles and pumping, or supplementing with formula. The best things you can do are 1) be patient and allow baby to continue learning how to latch properly and extract milk efficiently, 2) watch her diaper output (any problems with baby's intake will show up in her diapers), and 3) learn to nurse in the side-lying position so that you and baby can both doze during those nighttime nursing sessions. Are you co-sleeping with baby or (shudder) getting up every time she needs to eat?

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    with mommal - that type of behaviour is totally normal for your LO's age. It can take a fgood ew weeks to really establish your supply so the best thing to do is nurse on deman (which you are doing). I think in the first 3 months there are 4 growth spurts, and most Mummy's find it gets a lot easier after 3 months. And (coming from personal experience with DS) co-sleeping really does help during the night. If you're not fully confortable with LO in your bed there are many cots that attach to the parents bed so that everyone has their own space and Mummy & baby can nurse easily during the night.

    If you want to stop the fenugreek why dont you try going down to 2 pills 3 times a day then 1 pill 3 times a day etc. I'm sure that if you just continue nurse, nurse, nusing your supply will establish itself fine.

    HTH and stick in there, mama. You'll do fine

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    Your baby is only 7 weeks old. It still is "the beginning."
    I see so many moms become concerened over what is entirely normal baby behavior. If your baby is gaining appropriately, then all is well. I am more and more convinced that breastfeeding duration rates would skyrocket if we all accepted that babies are what they are.

    If your baby does not like cradle holds, try different positions, both for you and baby. Babies can nurse in ANY POSITION. The 'rules' are for when there are difficulties, like a painful latch or poor milk tranfer. If breastfeeding does not hurt you and baby is getting enough (which you tell best by weight gain and output NOT behavior) then all is well. If you want a hand free, try sidelying or one of the many varied 'laid back' positions.

    And don't believe the hype. changing the way you feed your baby will not change the fact that your baby is a baby. it will simply rob you of the easiest way to not only feed but meet almost all of your baby's needs.

    I cannot stress it enough-if a baby is gaining normally when exclusively nursing and nursing does not hurt mom, then there simply is not a serious problem with breastfeeding. if changes need to be made, maybe they need to happen in other areas-sleep arrangements, task delegation, expectations, etc.

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    Thanks ladies! Nice to know that this may be normal behavior. She is gaining well and has good output so no worries there.

    We are cosleeping with an arms reach cosleeper but I do get up and feed her in the glider because she sleeps best when swaddled and I'm afraid to pull her into bed with me swaddled. Plus I wake up with a sore back when she does sleep with me I think bc I sleep "stiff" for fear of rolling over on her. She doesn't sleep unless she's close to the boob : ) I'm not adverse to finding a comfortable way for her to sleep in the same bed if we can sleep well. Suggestions?

    As for everything being ok as long as it doesn't hurt....the constant tugging on my nipple leaves me very sore. I think I'd be ok nursing her day and night if she seemed content. After awhile of the tugging I have to take her off and put her in a sling or walk her around and let her fuss just to give my nipples a break. I've used a paci a few times a day to give me a break but I'm hesitant to now that I feel like her latch is getting shallow. She doesn't like the darn thing anyway!

    Any mo thoughts?
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    you are correct that bed sharing with baby swaddled is not recommended. But you could try unswaddling baby when you pull her into bed to nurse?

    As far as feeling comfortable bed sharing, that may come with time, as baby gets older and bigger. I also suggest reading carefully some co-sleeping/bedsharing guidelines (they differ slightly from source to source) and their reasoning. Bed sharing guidelines are based on what the evidence tells us about infant and mother sleep behavior. If it was likely at all that an unimpaired biological mother would roll onto and accidentally smother her infant in her sleep, no one could talk about 'safe' bed sharing as there would be no such thing. But the evidence suggests bed sharing can be done safely by most mothers-or at least most breastfeeding mothers- (and in fact is done safely by most mothers world-wide.)
    Sometimes moms find sharing sleep at naps rather than at night is a way to 'practice' bed sharing that feels safer as mom might feel she is in a lighter sleep. Plus, you get a nap! Even for naps, i do suggest you read bed sharing guidelines prior to bed sharing. I get it with all those kids you are not getting daily naps-but maybe try on a weekend or an early evening nap?

    the constant tugging on my nipple leaves me very sore.
    This may be helped by experimenting with different positions and/or latch techniques. Even when nursing frequently and/or for a long time, nursing should not hurt. Get annoying at times, sure, but not hurt. Also, while occasional pacifier use is usually considered fine once breastfeeding is well established, if you think the paci is affecting latch I suggest you trust your instincts. Also breast compressions may help with long sessions.

    After awhile of the tugging I have to take her off and put her in a sling or walk her around and let her fuss just to give my nipples a break.
    Good idea!

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