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Thread: table manners and 13 month old

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    I don't really care that other people want to enforce that meals begin and end at the table. If I don't want to nurse every hour all day long when I'm with Trixie, I have to get food into her - and if she won't sit at the table long enough to eat very much, but will eat if I follow her around handing her small pieces of cheese/meat/fruit/veg, then I'm fine with it. At lunch and dinner they sit at the table and as soon as they are done eating, they can get down to play. But for snack times and breakfast, I'm not such a stickler about it. Also, for my family, I don't feel like my toddler and preschooler should have to keep sitting at the table for 20 minutes after they are done eating just because DH and I are still eating - or talking and eating. They can get down and are still within eyesight playing together. I don't care what "people" say - they aren't the parent of my kid, so they are welcome to go ahead and parent their own kid and keep out of my business.

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    As long as she's not walking out of your sight for choking purposes I don't see a problem. I think manners will come with more time and language development. I don't know any adult who eats with their fingers or throws food on the floor so I'm fairly confident we'll teach ds eventually. Ds doesn't sit still anywhere for more than 20 seconds so the ten minutes I get from at the table is enough. Some of the time he sits on the table itself and picks off my plate that way.
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