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Thread: Solids & EBF 8 month old

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    Default Solids & EBF 8 month old

    So I've been messing around with baby food I get it through WIC so it's not an issue for us to either not use the coupons, or to get them and let her try the different flavors. I haven't gotten her on any schedule with it, I usually give it to her when she refuses to nurse and dives at our plates

    My little one is 8 months old, crawling, sitting, pulling herself up, but she is not using her pointer and thumb at all to grab things. I'm not sure when to start offering her pieces like soft bananas, or puffs and other soft gum-able foods She chokes on her thicker baby foods still.

    I feel like we are behind I keep thinking back to my first two girls (FF, no BF) and I think that they were eating different foods for me like spaghetti, cut up into small pieces of course, by the time they were one. And before their 1st birthays, they loved the small cereals and puffs. But it seems like the track we are on won't be having her on stuff like that until a few months after her first birthday...

    My biggest concern is wether she will fall behind on the 'milestones'....

    Any thoughts, facts, opinions would be helpful... Thanks
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    Default Re: Solids & EBF 8 month old

    don't worry about the milestones yet, at 8 months. she'll get it. check out "baby led weaning" or "baby led solids" threads on this forum - even if you don't want to try that direction (i recommend it, though!), hopefully it will reassure you that your daughter will figure out the eating thing when she needs to. there's really no need to have a "track". you can definitely give her bananas or puffs now if you want. we also started with big hunks of meat on the bone - DS could gum and gnaw and get just a little meat or really mostly flavoring and he loved it.
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    Default Re: Solids & EBF 8 month old

    I did everything pretty much by the book -- I gave my DD mostly purees of the healthy foods we were eating (vegetables and brown rice, quinoa or barley, oatmeal and fruit, etc.) then some finger foods pretty early on. She was the best eater for a long time, and I had people commenting on the amazing variety of foods she ate (she LOVED beets more than anything). And now at 11 months she either hits the spoon away for purees or throws most of her finger foods on the floor. Sighs are frequent at meal time in our house. So don't worry -- no matter what you do it might not matter in a few months anyway when the milestone is that all the food ends up in your hair or on the floor!! But puffs were a great early finger food for us and she took to them pretty well around 10 months (ate them before that, but with more difficulty). She'll get there -- she's not behind at all. Just let her try what you're comfortable with (I liked the puffs because they seemed unlikely to be a choking hazard).
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    Default Re: Solids & EBF 8 month old

    Giving ds small finger foods like puffs really helped him develop his pincer grasp. You can always try giving her little bits of whatever is on your plate. She might just play and make a mess but that's just hand/eye coordination practice.

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