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Thread: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

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    Default 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    Hello ladies,
    After quite an adventurous beginning (supplementing, pumping, SNSing for months...) I am BFing normally and happily now. But my baby is 9 months old and she needs solids too, right? Well, she won't take them, or in very little amounts anyway. So she's BFing a lot, like every 1.5 hours, and this goes on at night too... I am very tired and a bit worried, my baby cannot separate from me for more than a couple of hours, she goes bananas. My husband is very frustrated about this, and I am concerned that when I'll start working it's going to be so hard for my little one.
    I need to say that my baby is very happy and alert, doing more than fine for her age, everything is ok with her. It's just she needs the breast constantly and this is creating anxiety in her and us.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    How long til you go back to work?

    It's tough to answer you question. Babies can be really tiring and need their moms alot. It's normal, but draining, I know! And it does get easier as they get older, but it can be hard on mom in the meantime, especially if you are preparing to go back to work. It's also pretty common for them to not want many solids at this age. Our youngest never really got going on solids until after a year. We did offer lots, but he just wanted to nurse. So not sure what to do to encourage more solids if they're not interested.

    Every 1.5 hours at night must be exhausting for you. What have you tried? We had good luck with the No-Cry sleep solution. It didn't eliminate night-waking all-together, but reduced it so it was manageable.
    Canadian mom and breastmilk fan.
    We have 2 beautiful children: Luana who's 9 y/o, had breastmilk for 2 years and is smart as a whip. Lucas who came out kickin', is 4 y/o and continues to enjoy his milkies.

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    Default Re: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    First of all, don't worry about solids, they don't really need them the first year, it's mostly for experimenting with texture.

    About nursing every 1.5hrs, if you are not doing it yet, I strongly recommend co-sleeping. It will not only give you more energy but also will connect you with your baby once you go back to work.

    Can you try putting baby to nap and then leave. I do that with DD3 and last time I was able to be away from home for about 4 hours. She didn't ask to nurse when DH was there. You can start doing this now, before you go back to work, little by little she will get used to it

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    Default Re: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    Your baby does need solids at 9 months. To play with. To taste. To squish with her little hands. But she doesn't actually need to EAT them until she's around 12 months old! And because breastmilk is capable of meeting all a baby's nutritional needs until the first birthday and because the transition to a majority solid food diet is slow, many babies don't eat more than a token amount of solid foods until well into their second year.

    Once you start working outside the home again, things will change. Everyone will adjust. But unless you're going back to work tomorrow, I wouldn't be the least bit worried right now.

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    Default Re: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    Thank you, ladies.
    I've tried the Pantley reccommendations, I love her books. It has helped a bit, but not too much; I do co-sleep with my baby - else I guess I'd be a zombi by now... Before we were sharing the bed, but now I put her crib next to our bed so she has her own space. So I am surviving, but as I said I'm very tired. I believe my baby is actually hungry during the night and that's why she's waking up. Sometimes she doesn't really nurse at night, but most of the times she does eat, and with voracity. That's why I thought she should have solids. However, I feel better now you told me that solid food at her age is not really necessary. She is experimenting a lot with it -and what a mess- so that part is covered ;-)
    So I guess I just have to cope with the situation the best I can. I am not starting work tomorrow, as you say, so that's fine!
    Thank you for your time and input. It's always a pleasure to share my doubts and concerns with you.

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