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Thread: Resenting work

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    Unhappy Resenting work

    I'm a full time undergrad and rather than being excited to be back in school after 8 months off (like I had expected) I find I resent it for taking me away from my baby. I "should" be done this year, but due to the time off, I have at least another year to go, and I'm just so sick of school. I've always been a school type person, and was planning on going right through to my Masters, but now I feel completely shaken. I don't know what I want to do when I do graduate, and I am so ready to be done now!!! I'm very fortunate to only have to leave DD for a couple hours in the morning, Monday through Thursday, at which time DH takes care of her. But right now I should be working on an essay due Monday, but I haven't written a word of it. DH was planning on being a work at home Daddy, but now he's resenting being home and wants to get a job out of the home. Not getting my degree is not an option. I could hurry up and finish, but then I'd be gone all day every day and that would be worse! Or I could go part time, and then it will take *forever* to graduate. What to do?!?!?!

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    Good for you for wanting to continue in your education, it is not only a great gift for you, but for your DD. sent to you!!! I am going to go back to work on sunday I am only going to be working 3 days a week and I work nights, but I still feel like I am missing so much! As I'm sure you already know time goes by so fast! It sounds like it would be better for you to continue on in going part time, so that you could spend a little more time with her and hopfully before you know it, you will be done. When it comes to doing what's best for your family there is no wrong choice

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    Default Re: Resenting work

    Sometimes, there is no easy answer.

    When returning to work, it's usually easier for mothers to start back slowly - only a few hours at a time, building up to more.

    Presenting an option here - can you delay going back for one more semester? Maybe you'll feel better about it 6mos from now.

    Sometimes, we have to do things we don't like, for the greater good. Seatbelts come to mind - uncomfortable, not so pretty, but necessary. Maybe a similar principle will apply in your situation?

    No one can make a decision about this situation except you and your hubby. There will be consequences no matter what you decide (no school right now, delaying school, PT, or FT). You just have to decide what consequences you guys can live with.

    Maybe writing it all out will help you. I'm a geeky kind of gal, so I'd probably make an excel spreadsheet. Crayon and construction paper would work just as well for others. Or anything in between. You're a student - surely you have some paper and pens lying around?! :-)

    We'll support you no matter what you decide.
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    Default Re: Resenting work

    I agree with the pp's its something that you have to deside for yourself..
    but the one thing to think about everything changes when you have kids.
    ITs ok to deside that you want to change your mind about something.
    No kid is ever going to say Mom I wished that You spent less time with me when I was growing up.
    I agree with shannon It wouldn't be the end of the world if you waited another 6 months or year or what ever to go back.
    time flies by so fast, my oldest is almost 17 and my baby is 3 and you cann't get that little time back.

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    Default Re: Resenting work

    "College credit stays forever" (for the most part). I wish you all the best in making the decision that is best for you and your family. If taking less classes means you could extend your graduation date... maybe that's not so bad afterall if you felt it was best to be at home more during these early months.

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