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Thread: When to give exPressed breast milk

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    Default When to give exPressed breast milk

    Hi, I've has a breast reduction in the past so have a low milk supply. I am pumping between 3-4 oz a day. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about when I should feed the breast milk to my baby. Should I store it all day to give one full feeding of breast milk a day or should I give a little at each feeding. Or does it not make a differnence. Also I have thought maybe I should freeze it all and give t during the second and third month when my baby's immunities are low (baby is one month old right now). Any thoughts or advice?
    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: When to give exPressed breast milk

    hi mama,

    congrats on your new baby!

    are you breastfeeding at all, or just pumping? do you want advice on pumping more? if so, how much are you pumping? what kind of pump, for how long, at what frequency?

    i assume you're supplementing with formula for the rest of the feeds. if you're nursing at all, i'd give it through a supplemental feeder (like SNS) throughout the day. preserving/restoring that nursing relationship is worth it for a number of reasons beyond nutrition (baby is more effective than pump, comfort and a-ma-zing mothering tool for the longterm). otherwise i'd save it and give one bottle a day, just to make it easier on yourself. it doesn't really make a difference. i would definitely feed the freshest milk you have along the way, don't save it for 2nd & 3rd month, because the freshest milk is the best, and if she's only getting 1 bottle a day, make it be great!

    good for you for doing this for your baby - you're a rockstar!
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    Default Re: When to give exPressed breast milk

    Hi, yes we are nursing but I have only ever got him to latch on my flat nipples with a breast shield. with the shield he will latch and suck for 10 minutes or more until he gets mad because there is limited milk transfer with the shield. Tried and tried without the sheild and it only leads to a very unhappy and frustrated baby and mom. But we keep at it with the shield just incase things turnaround either with the transfer or with the latch. Tried the SNS with both shield and non shield. Without shield baby still wont latch and pulls off the breast leaving a big mess. With the shield its a bit easier but I can get him to latch and suck with the shield without the sns so I find it pointless.
    As far as pumping more - yes would love any input on that. I know everything says supply and demand but I think its a bit different with a reduction. I have tried pumping more and ended up getting very very little at each pump. Seems that pumping every 3-4 hours seems to work best for me but willing to try anything to increase milk yield. (I am on domperidone, taking fenugreek and Thistle yet admittley not regularily - also drink milk maid tea).

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