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Thread: 4mo. Old Pops Off After about 7-10 mins...

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    Default 4mo. Old Pops Off After about 7-10 mins...

    Hi, I just joined LLL.

    For a few weeks now my 4 mo. old has been popping off after about 7-10 mins. flinging her arm back and crying. I kind of thought she might be done nursing but maybe didn't want to stop or something. Usually happens from early afternoon to late afternoon (11am, 1pm, 3pm feedings). Could the milk supply be lower then?

    At her 2 mo Dr. visit she was in the 50 percentile for weight and she is 13 lbs. now. Has one big poop a day. Seems to be getting enough but I just feel horrible that she pulls off and screams.

    Now I just stand up with her and walk around she seems to get distracted and stop crying.

    Has anyone had this experience?

    P.S. Does anyone have suggestions about how much water moms should drink while nursing?

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    Default Re: 4mo. Old Pops Off After about 7-10 mins...

    a 4 mo could definitely be effecient enough to be done after 7-10 minutes. or she might be distracted. i would do what you're doing: stand up and walk till she's distracted, then offer again. milk supply, if it is lower, is usually lower more like afternoons/evenings, but you could be an outlier. more likely is just that she's got something else going on. keep distrating & re-offering.

    how many wet diapers per 24 hours?

    drink to thirst, keeping in mind that we often don't have a good "thirst" cue (we think it's hunger, often). can't drink too much water, and nursing thirst particularly the first months is like no other. if your urine is mostly clear and not smelly, you're hydrated enough.
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