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Thread: Low supply.. :(

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    Question Low supply.. :(

    My son is 14 months. We have been on a nursing roller coaster, but I haven't given up yet. He started showing less interest in nursing around six months, nursing less than five min. per side, and it has been progressively getting worse. I started him on solids at 10 months. I wanted to wait until a year, but he was starting to lose weight (just a few ounces). Now, at 14 months old, I can barely get him to nurse in the morning when he wakes up, or before bed. I'm lucky if I can get 3-5 min between both breasts. I had a GREAT supply, and I was even able to pump up to 10oz extra to donate per day, but now I just want enough to continue nursing. I do take fenugreek, and I try to eat a balanced diet. What do you suggest?? I appreciate any and all help!! Thanks!

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    I think the best thing you can do is to just continue offering. It's really rare for babies to self-wean before 12 months, but after 12 months all bets are off. It's so unfair that you've done everything right to keep baby interested in nursing and he's not playing along!

    Just offer, offer, offer. Will your LO nurse when he's sleepy? You might be able to cram in an extra session or two that way.

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