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Thread: for anyone with low supply! I highly reccomend this!

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    Default for anyone with low supply! I highly reccomend this!

    Go-Lacta is AMAZING and works almost immediately.
    you can find it here http://www.tendercargo.com/catalog/go-lacta.html

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    Default Re: for anyone with low supply! I highly reccomend this!

    I was about to delete this as spam, but I hadn't heard of malunggay before so I decided to check it out.

    Medications and Mother's Milk has a rather long entry about malunggay (also called moringa), detailing the studies that have been done. There are five studies listed, all of which showed greater milk production with the use of malunggay in various situations (in mothers with hypertension and mothers pumping for preemies, among others).

    One study compared domperidone, Reglan, and malunggay:

    It was noted that all the three galactagogues caused significantly higher breastmilk production as compared to milk expression with breast pump alone. Domperidone caused the highest breastmik production, followed by metoclopramide and malunggay. There was no significant difference in the milk production caused by metoclopramide and malunggay.
    However, Dr. Hale adds several warnings and qualifications:

    ...these studies failed to explain the mechanism of action of malunggay as galactagogues and failed to answer if malunggay can help maintain consistently high milk production throughout the period of lactation.
    Some of [malunggay's] known side-effects include hepatotoxicity, liver failure, hepatorenal syndrome.
    The safe range of dosage above which moringa toxicity is expected is also not specified.
    The transfer of moringa into breastmilk and its effects on the breastfed infant have also not been studied.
    The antepartum use of moringa is also not advised due to its known effects on uterine contraction.
    Until, more is known of the mechanism of action of malunggay, its transfer into breastmilk and its effectiveness as galactagogues in larger populations, it is recommended malunggay should be used in breastfeeding mothers with caution.

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