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Thread: Breastfeeding thru stomach flu

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    Default Breastfeeding thru stomach flu


    My toddler is 19 months and got a stomach flu (gastroenteritis) and the doctor just told me to stop all dairy food and breastmilk.
    I'm not so sure... I think breastfeeding is the only thing that has kept him thru these last couple of days.
    what should I do?

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    Keep nursing. Many docs do not realize that the recommendations for formula-fed and breastfed babies are completely different. With a sick, vomiting formula-fed baby, it is often recommended that parents temporarily switch to Pedialyte or some other oral rehydration solution. But unlike formula, breastmilk counts as a "clear liquid", it contains antibodies which will help baby get better faster, and nursing is comforting to a sick kid. Temporary weaning during a course of the flu is just going to make everyone miserable- mom's going to need to pump on top of caring for a sick child, and the child is going to be completely confused as to why his mom is denying him the one thing that might make him feel better!

    This link goes into more depth: http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastf.../baby-illness/

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    breastmilk is NOT dairy. cow is dairy.
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    keep nursing
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