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Thread: It kinda makes my skin crawl

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    Default It kinda makes my skin crawl

    I LOVE nursing my son who is almost three and only nurses a few times a day but there are times when I want to stop. I don't know why but his latch has gotten worse as he got older! I see the top teeth marks that were once way above my nipple now much much closer. I ask him to open wide and take a deep latch but he always slides back to the nipple. Any suggestions on helping an older toddler's latch?

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    I find the nipple sandwich technique to be somewhat useful in getting as much breast as possible into my toddler's mouth. But the truth is that except for the first a.m. nursing session, she's not all that interested in nursing anymore, and that makes her sloppy with her latch. Therefore, countdowns are my friend: "You can nurse until I count to 5 and then we're done". Sometimes I have to count really fast.

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    Default Re: It kinda makes my skin crawl

    Ouch! No personal experience here with that. Maybe try distraction? Have you told him it hurts mamma?
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