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Thread: Possible thrush? = not eating

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    Default Possible thrush? = not eating

    I have a 3 week old who has been doing amazing, gaining weight and perfect bowels and urine output. Lately he's been pulling off my nipple and fussy at the breast. He doesn't eat as long as he used to either. He had a really bad diaper rash and I took him to the dr and he prescribed a cream (nystatin with hydrocortisone), he has no white spots in his mouth. Just today I have noticed that I keep getting a stabbing pain after breast feeding on the right side that lasts for a couple hrs and hurts to the point I can't sleep. I've taken Advil to get it to calm down. My nipples are a little pink, but not sore when he's feeding. I'm going to the drs tomorrow. Does this sound like thrush? Is this going to decrease my milk supply?

    Your help would be great.

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    If the doc prescribed Nystatin for the diaper rash, it means he at least suspects yeast (a.k.a. thrush). Yeast in the baby means yeast in mom, as well, and it would totally match with that hours-long post-feeding pain and pinker-than-normal nipples.

    Thrush doesn't decrease milk supply. But pain from thrush can cause moms to avoid feedings or supplement with formula, and those things do negatively impact supply.

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