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Thread: Recovered from mastitis & now both nipples are cracked..

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    Default Recovered from mastitis & now both nipples are cracked..


    I have finally recovered from mastitis and now both nipples are sore and cracked.
    The left one was bleeding after DD fed on it, I began expressing throughout the day and stored the milk for the next feed. I have been using lansinoh cream and frequently change breast pads after each feed or express session. My right boob has been the main source for feeding to allow the left nipple to recover but unfortunately it's cracked now..
    I'm unsure what to do to assist them to heal and if shields will hinder my supply. I only plan to use shields until my nipples have healed and nervous how DD will take to them.
    I used shields in her first week of breast feeding and she gave up on nursing. Now she is three months I'm desperate to continue breast feeding and feel shields are the only way forward. Are there any other methods or protection I can use whilst my nipples heal?

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    Default Re: Recovered from mastitis & now both nipples are cracked..

    Were your nipples sore and cracked before the bout with mastitis? The reason I ask is that if you weren't sore or cracked prior to having mastitis, and if you treated the mastitis with antibiotics, thrush could explain why you're sore and cracked now. Thrush often follows a course of antibiotics because the drugs kill off your good skin bacteria and allow the yeast that naturally lives on your skin to grow out of control.

    If this is thrush, the shields aren't going to help much.

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    Default Re: Recovered from mastitis & now both nipples are cracked..

    Do you think your sore nipples are the result of a bad latch? If so, I 've got lots of links that can help. If you can get your nipple in the right spot, it won't be damaged by nursing.

    Having her at the breast with a shield is better than pumping+bottlefeeding. If you feel this is something you need to do to keep breastfeeding, I say go for it. Shields may cause a reduction in supply, but some moms have used them for months with no issues.

    I agree with pp, maybe also consider the thrush angle.
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    Default Re: Recovered from mastitis & now both nipples are cracked..

    I would put some coconut oil on your nipples. If its cracked because of dryness, coconut oil will help moisturize it and its also an anti-candida.
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