Thanks mamas! Knew I could count on you for great advice. It really helps to have your advice, especially as a first time mom. Thanks for all the great time saving tips too

One last question: one mom said she felt it was ok to wake baby to nurse in AM to cut down on pumping (plus to be honest I dont think I would be ok without nursing at least once before leaving for the day- need that closeness to say goodbye and get through the day w/o him). But, some days he sleeps til like 5-6 am w/o waking and I'd REALLY like to feed him 2x before leaving, if that is not mean/ unfair to him (I know sleep is important too). I've heard some babies wake more frequently at night when mama leaves to make up for lost time, but if my LO continues to be a sound night sleeper, do you think it's ok to wake him 2x in the AM (say 4:30/ 4:45 and again at 6:15 before heading out the door)? Will I just be creating sleep problems later? Or is this ok in order to have more times nursing vs. pumping and bottles? Thoughts? Thanks again ladies!