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    Red face Hello old friend

    We've been exclusive bf for 10 months! Lots of distractions right now...rolling..crawling..big sister in the next room...daddy...toys...way to much to do to stop and feed for a few minutes. But I still offer, I'm more relaxed now. Sometimes its five min, others its one min, or maybe he was just thirsty. I know if he's hungry he will eat. I guess that's what brought back an unexpected friend today. Without notice she came back into my life this morning! 19 wonderful months without her! It's kinda bittersweet:-s. It leaves me questioning why? He still feeds at night... I offer every three hours or sooner if he seems hungry. Oh well, maybe its just time? I just wanted to share this with u ladies as u have been a huge part of what keeps me going on this bf journey everyday!
    I am so blessed!


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    10 months without AF is a long time! The average nursing mom will get her fertility back at around 15 months postpartum, and many get it back sooner, even if they nurse on demand throughout the night. Often fertility returns around the time the baby starts eating a lot of solids.

    Sorry, I know it's no fun to have her back!

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