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    Hi everyone- I have a feeding question. My daughter has been home from NICU for 3 weeks and is 7 weeks old. She was a 32 weeker. While she gained weight since being home, my pediatrician wants her to gain more weight and suggested I give her a bottle of pumped milk after breastfeeding. She tolerates this (without spitting up) and drinks 1-2 ounces after breastfeeding. The problem is that I worry the bottle is too easy and she is getting lazy with breastfeeding. Sometimes she will nurse from one breast, but then not eat at all from the other breast, but then she will take a bottle, which suggests to me she is still hungry and could eat from the other breast. I want her to gain weight, but not at the expense of being able to breastfeed. Any suggestions? Thanks and sorry so long.

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    Can you post a weight history for your LO? That might help us figure out if that supplemental bottle is strictly necessary.

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