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Thread: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

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    Default 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    Hi all, looking for tip or support during this rough patch...
    This is my 3rd baby and my first 2 were also very small. My first, I needed to supplement at 3 months due to very poor weight gain. My second was always small but gained enough and was always satisfied so I was able to nurse until 12 months. Here is the background weights:
    Birth 7lb2 oz
    2 weeks 7lb 4 oz
    1 month 8 lb 4 oz
    2 months 9 lb 6 oz
    3 months 10lb 12 oz
    4 months 11lb 4 oz

    He was 4 months yesterday. The past 4 days he has either been refusing the breast or eating very little then pulling off and aching his back. I know there is milk and he is hungry, I've pumped for a few days to increase my supply and have noticed a boost. His output is okay but not great. My concern is that he may actually be losing weight (I will have him weighed in 2 days). I find that his rib cage seems more prominent. He is not lethargic but he is not as content as he usually is. I don't really have a schedule he feeds on demand which is usually anywhere from every 1-2 hrs. At what point do I consider supplementing? I will hold out until he gets weighed again unless I notice a decreased output..

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    Default Re: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    My current child is about the same size as yours.... he was 10 lbs at almost 3 months. My doctor isn't concerned at all, says he's fine. He is in the 5th percentile. NONE of my other three were small. They were in the 95th percentile or higher, so this is odd for my family.

    He feeds well most of the time, but goes through days he nurses less, sleeps more, etc... is fussy or happy. I don't really pay attention to it unless he's just really hysterical or acting WAYYY off base. Within a week, he's pigging out again.

    My doc said as long as you are getting wet diapers and at least one poop a week... he's fine.

    However, my friend's doc is all concerned about her baby being small and only pooping once or twice a week... so I dunno.. I guess it's up to the doctor, but I think the doc has my friend a lil overly worried. Her baby is very social (smiles and coos and almost anyone)... knows how to demand his food when he wants it... and is trying to sit up a little.... so I think he's healthy... trying to convince my friend that doctors are all different and not always correct.

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    Default Re: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    Oh, forgot to mention, the arching of the back... my baby was doing that for a bit due to acid reflux. As he kept doing it for a while, I started paying attention to what I would eat when his reflux would act up the worst. (he was spitting up a bit, but mostly it was a clear spit up with "chunkier" milk)...

    anyway, long story short, doc said give him half a dose of malox... see how he did... that helped him some, but he got really REALLY runny poop....

    and I started thinking it would happen when I was drinking milk, so I cut out milk. I'm still eating cheese and such, but not just a big dose of milk... he doesn't even need the malox most of the time...

    I've heard that if you eat something unusual it can affect the taste of your milk enough that it will affect his eating.

    He's 4 months, are you delaying solids? Would you consider introducing cereal yet? I just gave my baby a few bites of rice cereal for the first time, and he loved it!

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    Default Re: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    Thanks for the feedback! He is pooping every 3-4 days. I'm not sure about what I am eating. How long after you eat does it affect the baby? I haven't been eating anything different. I will give it some more time. He is usually such a easy going happy baby that this totally out of the ordinary for him. I am considering the option of rice cereal to see if it would satisfy him a little more.

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    Default Re: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    If you're concerned about weight gain, starting rice cereal is the last thing you want to do. Rice cereal provides only "empty" calories; it's simple starch, without fat or protein. Breastmilk has way more calories per oz than cereal. Think about it this way: if you wanted to gain a few pounds, what would you eat, rice crackers or a milkshake? . There are a lot of other reasons why solids shouldn't be introduced at such a young age; you can read about them here: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starti...s/solids-when/

    I personally wouldn't worry about your diet unless you're seeing signs of allergy in your baby- things like bloody poops, excema, asthma, hives, etc. Fussiness is very normal baby behavior and if it has a cause, I'd be looking to teething or an ear infection to explain it, not your diet. When a baby has a problem with something in mom's diet, the usual culprits are cow's milk proteins (most common), wheat, and soy (less common). How long it takes for a baby to be bothered by something mom eats is variable, but usually it occurs within a few hours (with the exception of alcohol, which tends to be present very rapidly, and gone just as fast). Youay be interested in this link on diet and breastfeeding: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/mothers-diet/mom-diet/

    These links on weight gain are interesting:

    If you check out the charts in that last link, you'll see that your baby is very much on the small side, and has been all along. That may be completely normal: some kids are just small! And healthy babies come in all shapes and sizes: statistically speaking, there are just as many healthy babies in the 1st percentile as there are in the 99th. The fact that your other 2 kids are on the small side suggests that you may just have small genes in your pool. But since you're concerned, here are some thing you may want to do:
    - Take baby to the doc, have him checked for teething and an ear infection or other illness (which could be causing the decreased nursing and fussiness)
    - Nurse more often!!!
    - If baby is sleeping through the night, stop letting him do that- many babies will take in several extra feedings over the course of the night and that can be great for weight gain
    - Review your birth control choices- hormonal contraception can negatively impact milk supply
    - Make sure you're not pregnant, since pregnancy is another thing that can explain supply problems
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