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Thread: toddler not nurse as much

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    Default toddler not nurse as much

    hey there.

    so my son is about 20 months old now. he was nursing about 4 times a day and then throughout the night.

    so i havent really given him cows milk, hes had it but since he nursed so much he drank water out of his cup.

    he has since dropped a session, the one when i pick him up from dc.

    so now somedays he only nurses 3-4 times in 24 hrs, should i be concerned? im kind of sad about this too.

    and id rather not give cows milk, ive started drinking alternative milks myself for health reasons.

    is coconut milk ok? is it necessary?


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    Default Re: toddler not nurse as much

    We occasionally give coconut or almond milk. We opt not to give them a lot of milk because if Levi had his way he would only eat dairy all the time. He eats plenty of cheese, yogurt, etc. I don't think milk is necessary if he has a balanced diet and is getting fat/calcium from other sources.

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    Default Re: toddler not nurse as much

    I wouldn't worry either, he's 20 months old...After weaning, I did not push cows milk on my DD. She drinks like one glass a week, maybe. I don't know...she's not a baby cow, so she doesn't need it.
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    Default Re: toddler not nurse as much

    thanks a lot

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