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Thread: Nursing less - Teething maybe?

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    Default Nursing less - Teething maybe?

    My LO is 4.5 months old and I suspect she's teething - she's biting and chewing like crazy as well as drooling a lot and also has seemed fussy lately. I've also noticed that she doesn't seem to be eating as much. She typically will go at least 3 hours between feedings, and when she does eat she doesn't seem to nurse for long and is often fussy while nursing. Could teething be the culprit for the change in eating habits as well? If so, should I just offer to breastfeed more frequently to ensure that she's getting enough to eat? Her diaper output is fine BTW.

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    That definitely sounds like teething!

    It could just be that she nurses really efficiently by now and doesn't need to nurse as often or as long to get enough milk. BUT teething certainly can make nursing uncomfortable for babies.

    It couldn't hurt to offer to nurse more frequently to make up any shortfall, just in case. If she doesn't need it or want it, she'll let you know!

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    Default Re: Nursing less - Teething maybe?

    Just keep offering lots. It probably is teething. Baby's this age can also be really efficient nursers-and distractable too! You may want to try nursing in a quiet dark room and see if this helps any.
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