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Thread: craniosacral therapy and/or pediatric chiropractic?

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    Default craniosacral therapy and/or pediatric chiropractic?

    I am at the end of my rope when it comes to fixing DS's nursing issues. I've dealt with my OALD, he's being treated for reflux, and I've tried everything when it comes to adjusting his position on the breast.

    After reading an article on kellymom I think he sounds like a prime candidate for craniosacral therapy or a chiropractic adjustment: tight mouth, can't move chin down, can't move tongue forward but there's no tongue tie. He even has signs I'd never associated with the nursing: oddly shaped head, one eye wider than the other etc.

    Most significantly is that he nurses well on one breast but not the other, something I didn't understand til I saw that this may have to do with misalignment or myofascial problems.

    Anyway, I'm going to see a CST and a pediatric chiropractor for some adjustments. Sort of my last ditch effort before I become an EP-er. Anyone have thoughts or experiences with these therapies?

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    Default Re: craniosacral therapy and/or pediatric chiropractic?

    Its not a one time fix. You may have to go numerous times, but it can def help!!

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    I take my 10 week old to see a chiropractor and he loves it. the day of the adjustment he sleeps SO well! The effects of the appointment usually last for a few days, like cbiscuit says, it takes numerous appointments.

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