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Thread: 4 month old with painful gas

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    Unhappy 4 month old with painful gas

    I solely feed my almost-4 month old expressed milk (trouble latching at birth and now I'm back to work). She's been great with feeding and sleeping until about a week ago. About once a day she stiffens and cries inconsolably (sometimes it can last 20-30 minutes). She generally wears herself out crying and goes to sleep. Either during her nap or shortly after she passes a lot of gas. I'm trying gas drops at each feeding and massages. This seems to help a little. I've also tried gripe water, but it's black and creeps me out. I've cut dairy out of my diet for 3-4 days. From what I've read on different forums the gas is somewhat normal due to immature digestive systems. My baby was born at 37 wks (like her older brother), but I don't know why it's starting now and didn't happen earlier. Is there anything else I can do to ease her pain? Is switching to formula designed for gassy babies a good idea? My daycare provider said she's never seen a gassier baby or one that is so affected by gas. Should I have her examined? Please help!

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    What you describe sounds more like colic or teething than like gas. Gas doesn't usually happen just once a day and doesn't usually present as inconsolable crying. Fussiness, yes; inconsolable cries, no. One reason that I immediately though "colic" is that your baby is the right age for it. Colic usually crops up between 3 weeks and 3 months and vanishes by 6 months. Since your baby's corrected age (as opposed to calendar age) is just around 3 months, she's right in the prime zone. Gas problems would have been present from birth- they wouldn't pop up now.

    There's no way I'd switch to formula over this, since a) it's so much less healthy for both you and baby on so many levels and b) it's very unlikely to have any impact on what's bothering your baby. If your baby is otherwise happy and healthy and growing and developing normally, I wouldn't bother taking her in to the doc. But if you feel like the situation is worsening or she develops new symptoms, then I'd make an appointment.

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    My son always had some issues with gas. He has a milk intolerance. It was getting better but now he is starting to teethe and has so much extra saliva/mucous. It's hurting his stomach again. He will be 4 months on Oct 17th. Is your son drooling a lot or other teething signs?

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