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Thread: Not Getting Time to Pump

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    My baby has gotten into a routine where she likes to empty both sides in the mornings. If I try to pump from one she's grumpy all day like she isn't filling up enough. I have a hard time pumping any time but the morning or it takes forever, so my problem is when do I pump with her wanting to eat so much? Should I pump in the evenings and hope I get a bigger supply over time?

    A note: I only pump to have milk for her oatmeal and a bottle if needed but I don't seem to have enough.

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    Could you try pumping after a few feedings during the day? Or during a nap or longish stretch of sleep (if she has one)? Then combine the small amounts of milk you get until you have a couple of ounces total to store.

    It's surprisingly difficult to work pumping into your schedule when you're also feeding your baby at the breast full time.

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    Is there a stretch of time when she sleeps for 2 hours. If so I'd pump 45 minutes into the nap
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