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    Hi everyone,

    So it's the first time in 8 months that we are trying to give a bottle to ds. During all this time he's been just breastfed. Now we need to get him use to drink from a bottle once in a while cause soon he'll start daycare. It will be just 3 hours per day so he could go without a feeding but I like that they have a bottle there with my milk just in case he wants it. We tried yesterday for the first time with the Medela Calma bottles and it didn't work. We will try again today (it's my husband who tried to feed him). Do you have any advice? Do you think that he will het used to it or it's too late?

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    He may just jump to a sippy cup. I used the soft spout Nuk kind with both kids and they both were able to use the sippy by 8 months. I started with a tiny bit of water for practice then used BM
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    That is so awesome that you have been able to EBF for 8 months and not have to mess with bottles until now! Agree with PP that you could jump straight to cups If your baby is able to do cups, you won't have to worry about bottle refusal, nipple confusion etc, not to mention being much easier on you from a dishwashing perspective ;-)

    But, if you do want to do bottles, don't give up -- it takes more than one try and a little experimentation. We had a case of out-and-out bottle refusal for about 6 weeks, but he got the hang of it eventually. Here are links to articles that were helpful to me:


    We had to cycle through lots of variations (and combinations of variations), like different brands of bottle, milk temperatures (they can be weirdly particular about that), baby's hunger level when we were trying the bottle, different holds/position, who is doing the feeding, where you are during the feeding, warming the nipple & putting milk on it, using movement (our baby FINALLY accepted the bottle when hubby walked with him while feeding, it somehow calmed & distracted him!). Good luck!

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    Thanks! Wow 6 weeks..., then I have to be patient . But I will first try the sippy cup, he is already using it a bit with water, I just didn't think about it . I will keep you updated, thanks again

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