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    I have constant pain in my nipple. It ALWAYS hurts and is sensitive but it is localized to just one side. I don't have any other complaints, sores other than the constant burning. It hurts for the first initial latch then subsides as the baby feeds. But for hours after he feeds I continue to have a throbbing pain. I went to the Dr and mastitis, yeast, thrush have all been ruled out. Granted I don't know how the Dr would have ruled it out from just looking at my nipple and not running any tests. So I am asking for help! I did go to a LLL forum locally and the lady teaching saw my son latch, she said he looked fine, she recommended I use coconut oil as it is a natural antibacterial which I have done pretty religiously. However the pain consists. Both nipples are equaly tired and raw from pumping so i will leave my complaint to just breastfeeding and not include pain from pumping at this time. PLEASE does anyone have any suggestions as my one nipple is agonizing!

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    Default Re: nipples scabbing/stinging and sore after 1 wk?

    Does the nipple ever change color after feedings, perhaps turning white and then returning to a normal color, or turning white, then bluish purple, then normal? And is the burning pain in the nipple, or the breast, or both?

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    Have you tried getting a larger flange for your pump? I really think this could be the problem, especially if its only on one side. Is the painful nipple larger than the other by any chance? Does it rub on the flange when you pump? Like breast feeding, pumping shouldn't hurt and if it does, it can certainly extend into your nursing sessions with your baby. How old is your baby? I had pain nursing until my daughter was about 4 months old, and I thought it would never end but it did! Could it also be a vasospasm? this is what kellymom says about vasospasm: " Vasospasm, which is more severe, is a sudden constriction/narrowing of a blood vessel (in the nipple, in this case) that is extremely painful. It might occur a short time after nursing or in between nursings. Vasospasm can have various causes:

    Vasospasm can be a secondary response to pain or nipple trauma (damaged nipples or thrush). In this case, the nipple(s) turns white shortly after nursing (rather than coming out of baby’s mouth white and misformed). Mom might notice a white circle on the face of the nipple a few seconds to a few minutes after breastfeeding. Cold often triggers the vasospasm and/or makes it worse. Unlike blanching due to compression, latch and positioning may be fine if the source of any nipple damage has already been fixed. Healing the nipple trauma or other source of pain should eliminate the vasospasms, although they may persist for a short time after the nipple has healed (previously damaged tissue can remain sensitive for a time)."

    If the nipple is damaged from pumping, you could definitely be experiencing vasospasms.

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    Welcome to the forums, jmb212! How have things been going since you posted?

    I had a couple of other questions, in addition to what mommal and lizfairchild asked...

    What shape are your nipples when your baby comes off the breast?
    Are they cylindrical and elongated like pencil erasers?
    Are they flattened or creased?
    Do you see a difference in the shape between the two nipples?

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    Is baby teething? The extra saliva on your nipple during teething could cause it to become raw.

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