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Thread: Bottle strike!

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    Default Bottle strike!

    I feel like I am batting a thousand these past few weeks. I have been worried about this for the past few weeks but seemed to avert the problem so far. Until today.

    I went to work this morning, I left at 9:30 and nursed my LO right up until I walk out the door, I nurse her back to sleep. I came home about 4:15, I'm a hairdresser so my days vary. DH then informed me she had not eaten a drop since I had left that morning. She had two poops, a few wets and only played with the bottle when he tried to feed her. He tried different positions and everything.

    A little back ground, she is 17 1/2 weeks old. Great breastfeeding, was taking a bottle. I work 3 days a week, hours vary. I pump at work. I had a dip in supply but I got some milk tea and seems that my supply is back to GREAT! Everything has been really picture perfect. She has seemed to have a cold, a little congestion but she is eating really good. I also took her to an urgent care I thought she had an earache but they said she was teething. She's been hitting herself in head, rubbing the back of her head a lot. And gnawing/attacking (literally growls and attacks our hands) on our hands and whatever else she can get. I've given her baby Tylenol three times in the last 3 weeks. Plus she's a bit moody and sleeps all day. She's been sleeping all day for a while now. I laid her down tonight at 7:30, she will wake maybe twice for comfort nursing and sleep until 12 in the afternoon tomorrow.

    Sorry this is long and drawn out, I know you have heard this a thousand times and I'm sure I know what to do. I think maybe try a new bottle, we currently use the Tommee Tippee brand. Maybe a sipper cup, or spoon feed it to her. Thing is she's only 4 months old, will spoon feeding confuse her? Could we offer her food and maybe get her through the day that way? I want to do BLS, BLW and no cereal. I feel a little lost. So sad she didn't eat today. She also didn't chow when I got home, she ate normal, she ate good, but didn't seem desperate for food. Maybe she trusted I would feed her?

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    Default Re: Bottle strike!

    I would highly recommend waiting on solids as they aren't a replacement for breastmilk anyway. Babies sometimes go on strike, especially with the bottle and it isn't the end of the world or even the end of anything! My LC always said that if they are REALLY hungry, they will take the bottle. That said you could try a different bottle or you could try heating it up more. Does your DH just heat it to "room temperature" because when it come from you its body temp, which is much warmer. I have heard of women having bottle success after really heating it so that it is very warm.

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