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Thread: lipase--refrigeration of scalded milk

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    Default lipase--refrigeration of scalded milk

    Hi Mamas,

    Quick question: Normally, I only work at my office one day a week. So, I pump on that day, then scald and freeze that evening so we have milk the following week. This week, I am working two days. So, I pumped today and am scalding the milk now. Can I just put it in the fridge or should I pop the packages in the freezer like usual and have DH take them out and thaw as needed? Pretty sure the babe will go through what I've got, but wasn't sure if it was more likely to go bad in the fridge.


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    Default Re: lipase--refrigeration of scalded milk

    the fridge is fine. once its scalded you can treat is as though there is no lipase issue.

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