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Thread: Major Inhibited Letdown :( 1+ hr suckling, no let down HELP

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    Default Re: Major Inhibited Letdown :( 1+ hr suckling, no let down H

    I think there is no way your baby would keep nursing for an hour if there was no milk coming out. And even when we don't have a forceful let down or AFTER one, our breast are never actually empty. There is always milk there. Always milk coming if someone is sucking.
    Did your doctor give you Klonopin to relax you for nursing??

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    Default Re: Major Inhibited Letdown :( 1+ hr suckling, no let down H

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*alexx View Post
    ps: i had tried the hot shower, massage, warm booby tubes, and none of those helped. also, he will not nurse side lying :'-(
    have you tried laid back positioning? With laid back, mom leans back at a comfortable angle. Baby is held on top of mom in any position mom and baby like. It does not mean mom lays flat on her back, but just back as much or as little as mom is comfortable and mom is supported in her back and shoulders and even head and neck depending on where and how mom does it-by piled up pillows, back of the chair or couch, etc. I usually suggest moms first try it on the couch and sit like they do when relaxing back into the back of the couch and watching tv. -"couch potato position". This laid back position (which is really a range of positions) often really helps to relax mom’s shoulders, back and neck-really vital for comfortable and relaxed nursing. Sometimes sidelying does not work for me and my baby either so I do laid back in bed leaning back on a pile of pillows. In bed I am back so far I often have trouble initially latching my baby when in this position, so I sit up to get her latched and then lean back and relax and breathe.

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