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Thread: Blood in milky burps

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    Default Blood in milky burps

    Anyone ever experienced baby bringing up milk when burping and it hav ing blood in it? It was extremely painful at the time as she was trying to poo at the time of feeding so was twisting while latched on. Is better if its from that though rather than from baby

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    Blood in spit-up is almost always from mom. What has almost always happened is that one of the small, fragile blood vessels in the breast has broken, usually due to overenthusiastic pumping or to antics at the breast from a nursing baby (which seems to be what happened in your case). While blood from a broken vessel can tint the milk a totally shocking color, it's actually a very small amount of blood, and it won't hurt baby to ingest it. Also, those blood vessels are very resilient, and will likely heal by the next time you need to nurse.

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