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Thread: 11 month old vomiting

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    Question 11 month old vomiting

    Hi ladies, well we seem to have finally worked through our OS issues and DD2 generally nurses quite well albeit erratically. We are doing baby led solids and she loves her food! She also gets very excited about drinking water and would finish a whole cup if I let her, however I try to limit it a bit as I don't want it to reduce the amount of milk she takes. We are presently on holiday (bit of a reward for overcoming all of our OS/OALD issues), my 3 year old started vomiting a couple of days ago and couldn't even keep fluids down for a day or so. She seems to be keeping a little food down now but this morning my 11 month old nursed and then vomited within 5 minutes, this process repeated about 6 times. She had a cold before we came away but it cleared up a couple of days before our vacation and then yesterday it seemed to come back with a vengeance, then this morning-vomiting. Should I let her have water(as she usually screams for it) or should I just give her breasilk? If she becomes dehydrated, should I give her a rehydrating sachet or is breasilk enough? Thanks in advance for your replies, it is scary being abroad with sick children and I just want to do what is best!

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    Breastmilk is the best thing to combat dehydration, better than any other electrolyte drink.

    When your DD wants water, does she really just want to drink out of a cup? Could you put some EBM in a cup for her to drink to keep her happy?
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    Default Re: 11 month old vomiting

    Just thinking back to when I had a similar issue with DD, the doctor didn't think commercial rehydration fluids were necessary. He recommended we keep going with the breastmilk.

    When our kids have vomiting, we offer fluids every 15 minutes. I think just try to get whatever fluids you can into her. If she wants to nurse, great. If not, give her water. Be sure to check with a doctor if you have any concerns.
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