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Thread: Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

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    Djsmom, I did say the diaper count was OBjective---don't know if you misread or were just emphasizing. It continues to be fine and I know that's the bottom line. I'm glad you pointed that out about nursing patterns changing constantly. I just got worried that nursing on demand wouldn't be enough to keep up my supply when the baby seems to be demanding much less frequently (and that includes rejecting when I offer before she shows any hunger cues). I guess it'll all work out though.

    The thing is I really have no problem with NURSING often. I would LOVE if I could just pop open my shirt and the baby would be at least semi-happy for as long as she wanted to suck. Seriously, I would just adjust to being a couch potato and enjoy the time with her and that would be that. But it's the (increasingly frequent) days where no matter WHAT I do---offer the breast five times in an hour, or try to hold her after she's refused to latch in every possible position, yet is still frantically rooting---she is unhappy, sometimes intensely. What's making me crazy is I guess what you say Christine---I have no idea what is behind all this. The reflux thing makes less and less sense as I read about how breastmilk isn't even that acidic, so how could it be causing so much pain? Agh. I'd better just get used to just going with the flow, it seems. Thanks for your responses ladies.

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    Hang in there. the days where nothing works no matter what you do, is very much part of her age IMO. I won't lie for us the screaming/crying was intense but it did get better. when you find something that works, for us it was me rocking her, bouncing her, singing constantly, I just did it. it was really really hard. but it did get better rather drastically around 3.5 months. sometimes going with the flow too is about finding your own coping mechanisms. if you have someone, dh or a mom or friend for example, to watch her for even just 10 minutes while you regain your sanity take advantage of that. b/c after you've done all you can do and nothing works you just have to endure it and that can wear on you. a simple walk or hot shower and cup of tea can work a million wonders.
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