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    After an insane amount of problems from cracked and bleeding nipples to tt and many other things I think we have finally gotten it!! it has only taken 3.5 months but i have nursed him for the past 48 hours no bottles and no pain! The only current problem is THAT I can't build up any supply to leave in the fridge. I do need some pumped milk for things like church nursery and bible study and babysitters, things like that. But my supply has leveled out to just what he needs and not much more. Any ideas on how to build up some stock in the fridge? are there any things that would temporarily increase my supply?

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    So glad to hear that you've gotten to this pain-free point!

    To build up a stash for baby-free outings, start by pumping once a day. Most moms have the most extra milk early in the morning, so try pumping right after the first a.m. nursing session. Doing this once, or doing it erratically, won't get you anywhere. When you're trying to boost supply, you need to be patient and consistent, pumping at the same time every day. That will signal your body that demand is extra intense during that time interval, and should eventually result in additional supply.

    You can try the herbal supply boosters like fenugreek and oatmeal, but please be aware that when it comes to increasing supply, nothing is as effective as increasing demand either by nursing more or by pumping.

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    with mommal. For herbal remedies most mummies find fenugreek is the most efficient. And well done on pain free bfing!

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    Yeah, congrats, what's wonderful news!

    Try pumping after your LO goes to bed at night. If you do this every night, you can store away quite a bit. If you can't get much out at night, you can try another time, like after the morning feed.

    For herbs, I had good luck with fenugreek capsules.
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    i tried fenugreek capsules, but found much more intense results brewing fenugreek tea. and it is much cheaper! and soothing on these cold days. i also put it in our pancakes - yum!


    also, take a day and pump after every feeding, you will find that at first you may only get .5 oz or so, but after a day it will build up! i am doing same right now.

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    Thanks for the advise! I will try pumping more and see if I can find some of the tea this weekend

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