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Thread: Buy your fenugreek at the Indian Grocery Store!!

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    Thumbs up Buy your fenugreek at the Indian Grocery Store!!

    Hi Ladies,

    I am taking Fenugreek these days to increase my milk supply. I went to the Whole Foods and found that they had boxes of around 100 capsules for $9 or so. Needing to eat about 9 of those per day means this box will last about 10 days. Not bad, but...

    ...then I went to the Indian grocery store where I shop for Indian spices and foods and found a 200g pack of Fenugreek powder for 99 cents!! This pack should last me about 3 weeks or so. I just sprinkle the powder over my cereal, mix it with juice, yogurt etc. Here's a page that gives the dosage of fenugreek powder: http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milks...fenugreek.html

    The powder is slightly bitter, but mixed in with other things, its nutty flavour comes out and I actually like it. Matter of personal taste, but if you are willing to give it a try, save some money by going this route. If you have an Indian or south asian grocery store in your neighbourhood, then give it a go! You might find other yummy things to eat there

    And no - I am not a paid lobbyist for Indian Grocery Stores, just an avid fan of Indian food!


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    Smile Re: Buy your fenugreek at the Indian Grocery Store!!

    Thanks for such a helpful thread...what a great idea.
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    Default Re: Buy your fenugreek at the Indian Grocery Store!!

    What a great idea. I'm also a fan of Indian food. I haven't thought to look there for fenugreek. There are several stores close to me - I'll definitely be offering that as an option for mothers looking for fenugreek locally.

    And, I might have to get some to try in my own cooking, too! Even though I'm not currently lactating. ;-)
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