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Thread: Ready to give up

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    I agree with the nipple shield! I have used it so much with my son and we have struggled with the posterior tongue tie and bleeding. It really helps and it will get you through till your little ones mouth gets a little bigger!

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    See, if I had a dollar for everytime someone offered me a nipple shield while I was struggling with Maggie's tongue tie, I'd be able to buy us all a round of lattes. I just refused to use one. I've seen so many women have problems with milk transfer, or problems weaning off the shield, I just wasn't willing to try it. Maybe this was stupid stubborness on my part (always a strong possibility), but there you go. If it's what you need to get you through and continuing nursing, then I think it's great. But if you CAN avoid using one, I would. I know that's not always an easy line to sort out - I certainly endured a lot of uncomfortable nursing, so I have lots of sympathy. If you do have a breast infection like thrush or staph, treating that might immediately fix 75% of your pain. So that would be my first suggestion.

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