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Thread: bottle strike part II

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    Default bottle strike part II

    OK, to recap: my guy has started not wanting his bottles at daycare. He'll take maybe half of one, then refuse the rest. He also won't take bottles at all from SO or SIL when they're watching him. My doctor wasn't concerned because he's also eating a fair amount of solids and nursing well at home.

    Fast forward to this week: Now he's also not wanting solids at home. He will close his mouth and shake his head side to side and not eat, though he will take puffs and those sorts of finger foods. I tried bits of things he could pick up himself (sweet potatoes) and no go.

    He is, though, nursing fine (if not very well). Over the weekend he pretty much only wanted to nurse, refusing foods he's previously eaten with gusto.

    I'm not sure what's going on and if it continues I'll be back on the phone with my doctor. But, a few questions:

    - could refusal to eat be related at all to being overfed or "forced" to eat?

    - could this just be related to teething or growing?

    - anybody gone through something similar?

    At first I thought the bottle thing was because he was developing a food preference. But now I'm not so sure and thought I would try to get more feedback.

    He is 9 months, just a titch over 18 lbs, very tall for his age and quite active (almost walking, and busybusybusy all the time). One tooth erupted and others slowly coming. He does not seem to have lost weight or anything with this. thoughts?

    (we're also trying various sippy cups to see if he'll take milk that way rather than the bottle, but working on finding one he likes. I think he likes the nuby one but needs a bit more practice, and still will only take sips then wants to go play)

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