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Thread: Nursing strike?

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    My 5-month-old girl has always been a great eater, but lately she is refusing to nurse right before bed. She's fine again in the morning, but at night she cries, turns away, and arches her back. Is this technically a nursing strike since it's only happening at night? Any suggestions to get her back into night nursing? I've kind of been on the fence about whether I'll continue past six months, but I'll feel like a quitter if I let this stop us. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    What you describe is sort of unusual; most babies love to nurse to sleep. But there are the odd few who don't like to nurse right before bed, for whatever reason. Sometimes it can be bottles interfering with baby's willingness to nurse- if she has come to expect and enjoy bottles, she may be reluctant to take the breast instead.

    I don't think this is technically a nursing strike because she's nursing okay the rest of the time (right?), but it could be described as breast refusal. This link- on nursing strikes!- may be helpful to you in your quest to find a way to get your LO interested in nursing before bed.

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